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Long gone are the days in which a teenager took his or her parent's words for fact and truth. Rather, we seem to have entered an era where we can count on teenagers to act on their ideas of rebellion, abandoning the traditional ideas of their elders and seeking to make their own path. We have even lost the once romantic notions of such rebellion, and the iconic image of the angry and inspired teen ready to change the world has faded away.
In fact, we need only to look around to realize a strange and disturbing new trend that has become a part of "rebellion" for teenage boys across the United States. This trend is the wearing of tight, female clothing by young men, and although it may seem strange, it is just as much a part of the expression of this era as the rebellions of yesteryear.
There is no doubt that the emo hairstyles are quite popular yet there are a few misconception associated with it. It is felt that emo hairstyle can only be carried by emo hair style but emo hair style can also be carried by people who have short hair. Another myth about emo hairstyles is that it should not be frequently washed. Emo is popular both among the girls as well as boys hairstyles. The layered and textured emo hairstyle suits most people so go and check it out with your hairstylist. The people should also be aware of the characteristics of emo hairstyle before they adopt one
Short and punk hairstyle is more convenient for the working guys who may need to tone down their rebellious nature at day and be their punk persona at night. Currently, punk haircuts have been made to be versatile that it looks a bit more toned down and fitting for the working guys.
girl punk hairstyleGirl Emo Punk Hair style
Punk hairstyle is currently emerging among youngsters who have been tired of the all-too-common Pussycat-Doll-Spice-Girl-Bubblegum-Pop look which generally dominated the scene in the late 90's to the early part of the millennium.
Types of Punk Hairstyles
Original Punk Hairstyle
In this hairstyle gel is put on the hairs and then spikes are created and hair can be dye in purple or pink shades. This type of punk hairstyle is more common to be observed in 1980s.
Skate Punk Hairstyle
Kelly Osborne worn this hairstle. In this hair are trimmed in uneven lengths and small spikes are created by using gel and then emphasize on the ends of the hair which provides one the defiant and spunky cutie appearance.
Death or Horror Punk Hairstyle
This punk hairstyle is identical to Gothic look । First of all, hair is dyed in blue-black or black color and then spike is created in the Mohawk form and then provides one the horn punk hairstyle.

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